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We raise pasture and Lockyer corn fed cattle in the heart of the beautiful Brisbane Valley. With Brisbane Valley Beef (BVB), it’s a case of what you see is what you get.

Unlike most beef which shifts through multiple parties and traders to get to your table, BVB offers a direct line to the paddock and the animal, being reared on a combination of pasture and locally sourced silage (a very natural and efficient process that utilizes the whole corn or barley plant, not just the grain). Once an animal is selected, it is transported to our partners at Brisbane Valley Meats, who ensure it is processed under the highest welfare conditions. Then it is literally into the van and off to your place.

To keep it simple and the middle men out of the process, we offer a range of bulk packs only. We believe eating meat is a privilege best enjoyed with friends, so we’ve included a link whereby you do a community purchase, inviting friends and family to join in the experience.

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Our latest offering is a Charolais cross Droughtmaster heifer which we bought down Toogoolawah way. The Charolais is a French breed renowned for its high yielding carcass qualities, while the Droughtmaster is Queensland’s own breed, bred to thrive in tropical conditions. This lovely, soft animal, has been fed our special naturally fermented corn ration (using the whole plant) and will be very tender and full of flavour, with slightly less marbling than our previous steer.


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Package Details

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1/8 of the animal

$17/kg (approx. 20–25kg)

Combination of some or all of the following:

T bone. The ultimate BBQ steak. Bone means flavor.

Rib fillet. Great for BBQ, pan fry or stir fry.

Eye fillet. Super tender and lean. A dinner party favourite (just don’t overcook it!).

Rump. Volume and flavor to burn. A BBQ and stir fry favorite. Also great in a quick cook curry.

Round. Full of flavor and on the lean side but best cooked slow and low.

Silverside. Grandmas favorite… at home in a slow cooker, stove top or oven with some vinegar, cloves, brown sugar, a couple of onions and carrots and plenty of time. Serve with a white sauce – yum. And be the envy of your colleagues for lunch as they chew on their soggy wraps

Gravy beef/shin. I rate as a super stewing meat. Lovely silky texture. Beef bourguignon or massaman, here we come!

Osso Bucco. Brings out the Italian in all of us. Tomatoes, onion, herbs, garlic, white wine and 2-3 hours.

Blade. An underestimate cut. Makes a super roast and an even better roast sandwich.

Sausages and mince. Cause you can’t always be a masterchef!

Short ribs and Brisket. A simple rub, low and slow, turn out the dude food in your house.

1/4 of the animal

$15/kg (approx. 40–50kg)

Same as 1/8, just twice as much!

1/2 of the animal

$13/kg (approx. 80–100kg)

Same as 1/8, just four times as much!!

Please allow up to 6 weeks for delivery from when you place an order. This allows us to select the right animal and feed them an appropriate ration for your requirements. We will be in touch two weeks from delivery with specific details.
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